How To: Troubleshooting Login slowness

Troubleshooting Login slowness - Capturing Network login traffic

Sometimes you may encounter slowness when logging in to Aperture or WebAdmin.  There could be many reasons for this.  These include, but are not limited to:

1) Database server is busy or overloaded (not necessarily just from Venafi traffic)

2) Database server has locked threads or processes

3) Active Directory server is experiencing performance issues.

One way to help determine the specific cause of the slowness is to trace the network activity from your workstation as you log in to either Aperture or WebAdmin.  One way to do this is with the Developer Tools in the Chrome browser.  A similar feature is available in Firefox.

The process to do that in Chrome is:

1) Start a new instance of the Chrome browser.
2) Before you load WebAdmin or Aperture, click inside the Chrome browser to make it the active window, then press the F12 key on your keyboard. (That will start the developer tools feature of Chrome)
3) In the developer tools window, select the Network tab near the top of the screen. (This will log each of the network calls made from the browser to every other server)
4) Load Aperture (or WebAdmin). (This will generate a small amount of traffic captured in the Network window)
5) Login with a user experiencing the slow behavior. (This will generate a larger amount of traffic in the Network window)
6) Right-Click on a row of data in the network window, and select the "Save as HAR with Content", which will save all the rows of data it has captured to that point.
7) It will ask to name the file as <yourhostname>.har. Change the name to something more appropriate, like ApertureLoginSlowness.har, and then send it to or attach it to your open support ticket.

Below is a sample of what the screen may look like from a sample Aperture login.



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