Error: Failed to generate the report because row count is too high



When submitting a report that will include data for more than 50,000 certificates, you see this error message:



The default maximum number of rows to include in a report is 50,000.  The mechanism to change this value changed in 17.1.

For 17.1 and Later:

This can be increased by adding a value for "Report Max Source Record Count" to the Reporting Object in on TPP server object in the Platforms tree.   This is not available in the normal UI, so it must be added via the Support tab.  This requires an edit key from Venafi Support.  When you get the edit key, you can then add the needed value and set it to a number that is appropriate for your environment.


The example above shows a value of 200,000.   Note that this is a per server setting, so you would need to make this change on all TPP servers that are going to generate reports that will have more than 50,000 elements included.

For 16.4 and earlier:

The report row maximum value can be set via a Registry Key (which will need to be set on all servers with reporting enabled).  The key is (showing a sample value of 131072):

"Report Max Source Record Count"=dword:00020000

Restart the TPP service for the change to take effect.



Note: This attribute does not exist by default, and if not present, the default value (50000 rows) is used.


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