Error: Aperture Error screen after upgrade

Applies To

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.x+



Error pop up screen after input username and password in Aperture.  WebAdmin login works normally.

Error screen may look like:




This happened immediately after upgrade to 17.2.  Following the steps from this KB:

After enabling the showStackTrace option, and running directly on the server box, a new error message was received: 

Request Type


Request URL


HTTP Status Code


Message From Server

Query; reflection initializer failed: see inner exception for additional information. InnerException: Attribute 'Validation State' is an unknown attribute definition; CacheEntryNotFound Parameter name: name

Stack Trace





This error message means that a Product schema definition was not found, indicating that some schema update(s) during the upgrade process failed.


Run VCC.exe again, and select the Configure Products option.  This will re-import all the product schema and add any missing definitions.  Once VCC completes, restart IIS on all servers running the TPP web services to refresh the cache on each of them.  After that, login to Aperture should work normally.


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