Info: License report changes FAQ for 17.3

Q: What has changed in 17.3?

A:  Venafi has introduced an improved license reporting mechanism in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform to enable more seamless reporting of license consumption.  Upon upgrading to 17.3, the old license report (in Reports > Opt-in Reports > Monthly Licensing Report) is removed from the system, and is replaced with a new license report (in Reports > Automatic Reports > Venafi License Report).   The license report is configured to be sent weekly.


Q: What is the exact data that is being collected and sent?

A:  The license report provides a list of licenses used, organized by type, consistent with the license metrics corresponding to the Venafi license model, and in 17.3 it will also include the organization name, deployment type, system version number, and licensable components installed. No sensitive data, including IP address, email addresses, usernames, etc., is transmitted.

For more information, view the documentation on the Venafi License Report.

You can always download the most recent license report in the Web Administration console. Go to the Reporting tree. The Venafi License Report is in the Automatic Reports group.


Q: How is the report transmitted and how secure is the data upload?

A:  The report is sent via email to as an email attachment. We recommend that you enable the use of TLS for mail delivery from the Venafi Trust Protection Platform to your company mail server. You can do this in the Reporting Module settings (documentation link).

Encryption of traffic from your company mail server to Venafi’s mail server is controlled by the settings on your company mail server.


Q: Is Internet access from the Venafi Trust Protection Platform host to the Venafi site required?

A:   No. The report is sent via email through your company mail server so the Venafi Trust Protection Platform host does not require Internet access for this feature


Q: How do I get and interpret the license report?


A: The license report shows a total count of each accrued license type. You will be billed the invoiced amount for your fulfillment for each license type amount. Attached is a zip on how to get a license report, and an example screen shot of what it looks like. 

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