How to: View Events

Applies to:

  • Venafi Encryption Director 6.1 through Director 11
  • Venafi TrustProtection Platform 14.1 and up


Viewing events is very useful when you are trying to troubleshoot issues with Customer support.

It will allow you to view the data relevant to the problem you are experiencing.

This article provides instructions on how to view events from the Web Administration Console

More information:

In the below example, we want to view ALL events.

  1. Log into the Web Administration Console as someone who has access to the "Default SQL Channel" under the Logging Tree

  2. Navigate to the Logging tree

  3. Expand the "Channels" object and select the "Default SQL Channel"

  4. Click on the "General" tab of the "Default SQL Channel" object

  5. All events are now displayed

As a rule of thumb:

  • If you have an issue with a certificate, select the General tab from the certificate object you are having issue with
  • If you have an issue enrolling with a Certificate Authority, select the General tab from the CA Template you are attempting to enrol against
  • If you have an issue connecting to a device, select the General tab from the device you are attempting to connect to
  • If you have an issue provisioning to an application, select the General tab from the application you are attempting to provision
  • If the information displayed is not sufficient for troubleshooting, debug logging may need to be enabled


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