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Engineering has provided with the software sample scripts and templates for the Adaptable CA, Application, and Log drivers. You are welcome to use any of these to build your own solution or completely develop your own.

NOTE: Venafi Support can help ensure the driver template, TPP Platform, and TPP API are working as designed but will not  help write or troubleshoot your scripted solution.

There are also drivers that have been developed from different resources. Anyone can develop drivers and share them. Some are developed by Vendors, Partners, and different community members.

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There are several different support types available depending on your driver.

  • Vendor: A Vendor developed app with support provided directly through the vendor.
  • Partner: A Partner developed app where support is provided through the specific partner.
  • Community: A Community or individually supported app with support provided through the community.

Adaptable Drivers Matrix


NOTE: Using the adaptable drivers requires Scripting and PowerShell experience. Venafi Support includes insuring that the Adaptable framework is functioning and not to help you write or troubleshoot your non Venafi code.


CA (Certificate Authority)

App (Application)

Log (Logging)

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