Info: Some very large move or delete operations may time out

Applies To:

Venafi TPP 16.4.2 and higher


When performing bulk move and delete operations the transaction may time out. It is possible to add some registry keys to allow modification of the time out period.

New registry keys:


"Move Timeout"=dword:0000012c

"Delete Timeout"=dword:0000012c

More Info:

There are two new registry keys available for controlling the timeout for MSSQL database operations for very large moves or deletes.

The 16.4.2 patch includes code to improve the performance of large move, rename, and delete operations.  Previously, it could prove impossible to move or delete a subtree with a very large number of objects (e.g., more than 3000 objects), because the operation would timeout during the database operation. 

The performance of these operations has been significantly improved, but there can still be scenarios where the deletes or moves may timeout.  In that case, it is possible to set values in the registry to override the default timeout for these database operations, which is 90 seconds. 

You can set a new value in the registry as shown above.  This shows an example of setting the timeout for Moves and Deletes to 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. You can set either or both keys depending on your requirements.


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