Pass-through Authentication for SSO Updated in 17.4

Applies to:

Upgrades to Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.4


In 17.4, Venafi Trust Protection Platform's ability to authentication with custom HTTP headers was enhanced. The name of this functionality has been rebranded to "Pass-through Authentication". This feature allows for integrations with Identity Providers such as Oracle Access Manager, Siteminder, or third party utilities such as Shibboleth Service Provider.

If any of these integrations were used, upon upgrading to 17.4 they will be disabled by default.  They must be reconfigured for the integration to continue.

More Details:

In order to re-configure your integration with Venafi's Pass-through Authentication, please review the follow product documentation pages:

Note: A Venafi Support Account is required in order to access the protected articles above.

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