How To: Modify WebAdmin login screen


This article covers one way to customize the Venafi Trust Protection Platform Web Administrator Console login screen. This can accommodate legal and company specific wording we want to place on the login screen.


More Info:

NOTE: The customization will likely have to be re-applied after an upgrade. The provided steps were tested in 16.3. and could change in the future. The customization is not supported by the Venafi Engineering team.


Take the following steps on each server hosting Web Administration console:

1. Make a backup copy of Login.aspx found under <installpath>\Venafi\Web\Admin\

2. Open Login.aspx found under <installpath>\Venafi\Web\Admin\ in a text editor

3. Find row containing string:

<div id="noSSLWarning" class="noSSLWarning" style="display: none;">

4. Edit and enter the following block above the line located in step 3

<div class="Message1"><center><h6>This is a limited access system. Don't use it unless authorized<a href="" target="_blank"> More info</a></h6></center></div>
<div class="Message2"><center><h6>For help, please email <a href="">My Company Venafi team</a></h6></center></div>
<div class="Message3"><center><h5><a href="" target="_blank">Link to Training and Documentation</a></h5></center></div>


5. Save changes and reload Web Admin login screen

6. Login screen should now look like this



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