Usage statistics and Licensing Report FAQ

Q: What versions of Venafi Trust Protection Platform does this article apply to?

A: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.1 and 17.2

Q: What are the advantages of automatically sending the usage data and Licensing report to Venafi?

A: Collecting aggregate statistics helps us to improve software, prioritize work based on features that customers are actively using, and troubleshoot issues. We do not expose any sensitive information received from you. In addition, you will be freed from manual tasks such as license usage upload.

Uploading the data will increase the chances of Venafi Customer Support predicting issues before they have significant impact and proactively reaching out, avoiding deprecation of features that are actively used.

Q: What is the exact data that is being collected and sent?

A: Usage data contains certain environment settings (for example, the amount of available RAM, HDD, and processor cores) for Trust Protection Platform and the database server, and aggregate statistics on Trust Protection Platform data, such as the overall count of certificates, SSH keys, policies, and users. No sensitive or personally identifiable data, such as IP and email addresses, hostnames, and usernames is being sent.

The full list of information that is being sent is available here. You'll be required to sign in first.

You can always review the data that is being sent by downloading the report from the Web Administration console.

Q: How secure is the data upload?

A: The data is being sent as an email attachment to We recommend that you enable the use of TLS for mail delivery from the Trust Protection Platform to your company mail server. You can do this in the Reporting Module settings.

Encryption of traffic from your company mail server to Venafi’s mail server is controlled by the settings on your company mail server. Note that no sensitive data is being sent.

Q: Is Internet access from the Trust Protection Platform host to the Venafi site required?

A: No. Data is sent via email through your company mail server so the Trust Protection Platform host does not require Internet access for this feature.

Q: What configuration do I need to enable data upload?

A: In addition to opting in to send data in the Venafi Control Center, you need to set up email delivery for a reporting module. Note that this is also required for email delivery of Trust Protection Platform reports, such as custom or expiration reports.

Sample Usage Report


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