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Venafi has several different training classes available. Major updates are done annually and minor updates occur as needed. There are also different types of certificates available from the training and even a LinkedIn private group called Venafi Certified. The main focus of these trainings are to enable you to successfully use and manage Venafi from a customer or a partner perspective. The trainings are created and provided by the post sales technical teams.

Certificate Types available:

What types of training are available?

Instructor Lead (See your sales rep for cost)

  • VSA (2 days)
  • SSH (1 day) Prerequisite is VSA
  • Troubleshooting (1 Day) Prerequisite is VSA
  • Introduction to the API (1 Day) Prerequisite is VSA
  • VTIS (Partner Training Only, 3 Days) Prerequisite is VSA

Self-Paced (with Labs, See your sales rep for cost)

Self Study (Video and KB instruction, No Cost)

How do I purchase training?

  • Contact your local sales representative

How do I schedule a purchased training?

  • Check for open calendar options at and ask if a certain date can be scheduled.

How do I attend an Open Enrollment training?

  • Request enrollment at into the class you would like to attend

Where can I register or see the training schedule?

  • You can at Here are some instructions.

What is the difference between Private and Open Enrollment?

  • Classes marked private means we have a scheduled training for a customer who has purchased their own training. Open Enrollment means it is an open invite and not company specific.

Where can the training be held?

  • Once every month around the second week we hold an Open Enrollment class in Salt Lake City, Utah. Occasionally we will schedule and hold one in our Bracknell, England office and other locations. Purchased trainings are usually held on-site at the customers requested location.

Can I join the LinkedIn private group?

  • YES! You can. Once you have been certified by attending one of our courses we invite you to join Venafi Certified at LinkedIn. We occasionally post Venafi topics or Industry info there.

More Info:

Training scheduling site:

Email the training team:


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