Info: Reporting issues you find in our documentation is easy!



Applies to:

All supported versions of Venafi TPP


You can easily log issues you find in the docs!

We currently report issues we find in the product or documentation by opening a case with Venafi Support. They verify the issue and then if required, log a bug for Engineering to fix the product or documentation issue.

Since we have launched our HTML Web help (online documentation) either through the product help or online at we have made it very fast and easy to report any documentation issues you may come across. Some types of issues you might want to report:

  • You can’t find the info you are looking for
  • Information you find may not be accurate
  • Information for a feature is missing
  • Documentation improvement suggestions

We have made it very quick and easy to report whatever you would like about the documentation.

  1. At the bottom of each page you should see this button to send immediate feedback
  2. Clicking on this link should open your mail client and send an email to
  3. This should also auto populate the subject so that the team knows what you were looking at.
  4. Simply add a useful description on what you are reporting and send!

More Info:

Most people clicking on this link will get their email client to open up and auto populate the Subject. In some computer configurations your email client may not open. In this case simply copy the email address ( and send us an email with your feedback.

  1. Create an email to
  2. Enter the subject of what you are reporting
  3. Send the details of the issue
  4. Copy and paste the current URL to us


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