How To: Silent Install Windows Server Agent

Applies to:

Windows Server Agent 15.4 and above


Some users may want to script out the installation the Venafi Agent on Windows Server so that the installer UI is not present, as well as have the Agent Service start automatically after the installation.

More Info:

The following command is an example of how to install the Windows Server agent without any UI:

msiexec /i “[filepath to msi]venafi-agent-17.1.0-windows-x64.msi” server_url=ServerURL registration_password=RegistrationPassword server_thumbprint=ServerThumbprint start=1 /qn


The start=1 specifies that the Agent service should start as soon as the install is complete. The /qn is what specifies the quiet install without any UI. Also, the default path location of where to isntall will be C:/Program Files/Venafi/Platform when using the above command. More information on msiexec commands can be found here: Standard Installer Command Line Options


Venafi Server Agent Documentation

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