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This is designed to outline the courses currently available in the Venafi Academy with Video and/or SCORM content otherwise not hosted here in the Knowledge Base.  The purpose is to allow you to search for content based on key words and text instead of a visual view from the Venafi Academy.

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NOTE: If you want access to the Subscription Academy content, talk to your Account Executive.  It's an annual fee. Here's a little more information.

NOTE: Because all content is found in the academy you have access to, no links will be dynamically provided here.  You will need to log on to your own portal with your Venafi OKTA account, go to the Venafi Academy link, and search for the associated title.


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Venafi Security Professional (VSP) Free Venafi TPP Datacenter basic functions for TPP WebConsole users including:
Crypto 101 Free PKI Basics including fundamentals about TLS certificates, SSH keys, and the basics of managing both.  Includes discussions on CRL vs Stapling as well as certificate fields
VSA Datacenter Subscription or $2000 ea. Intermediate course covering most key functions of an administrator of Venafi TPP Datacenter.  Course requires Crypto 101 & VSP or equivalent knowledge.
VSA Clip: TLS Datacenter Create Devices & Applications Free Demo of creating devices and applications (only one type of application) in Venafi TPP Datacenter
VSA Clip: TLS Datacenter Configure Certificate Provisioning Free Demo of setting up certificates for provisioning, or installing a certificate on the application.
TLS Protect Cloud - Certificate Issuance Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - Advanced CA Connectivity Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - SSO and Teams Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - Service Accounts & Admin Tasks Subscription  
TLS Protect Cloud - Logging and WebHooks Subscription  
CA Templates - Digicert Free  
Upgrade TLS Protect Datacenter Subscription  
Crypto 101: Introducing the fundamentals of PKI and Encryption Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - Application Management Subscription  
TLS Protect for Kubernetes self-paced study Research Research
Kubernetes Discovery in TLS Protect Datacenter Demo Subscription  
Introducing TLS Protect for Kubernetes Free  
TLS Protect Datacenter Installation Free  
Basic WebSDK REST API Training Subscription  
TLS Datacenter CA Import job demo Free  
TLS Datacenter Onboard Discovery from VSA Free  
TLS Datacenter Network Discovery Demo from VSA Free  
CA Templates - Sectigo Free  
CA Templates - Microsoft Free  
Venafi Operational Certificate (VOC) Free  
Build and Analyze Macros in TPP Datacenter Subscription  
Professional Services: Foundation Elements part of ProvenPath Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - Configure a Microsoft CA Free  
Walkthrough: AWS Onboard Discovery Free  
Troubleshooting: Notification Rules Subscription  
Troubleshooting: SQL Channel Logs Subscription  
VCert common commands, examples & explanations Subscription  
TLS Protect Cloud - Essentials Free  
ZTPKI Professional: Certificate Management in Zero Touch PKI Free  
Integrate TPP SSH Discovery with CyberArk Subscription  
Integrate TLS Protect Datacenter with HashiCorp Terraform Subscription  
Integrate TLS Protect Datacenter with HashiCorp Vault Subscription  
TLS Protect Cloud: Provision PEM/JKS/PFX Certificate to Linux Free  
TLS Protect Cloud: Provision PEM/JKS/PFX Certificate to Windows Free  
TLS Protect Cloud: Provision a Certificate to Windows IIS Free  
ZTPKI Administrator: Learn to manage Zero Touch PKI Subscription  
TLS Protect Cloud - VSatellite Management Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - Discovery Free  
VSA Clip: TLS Datacenter Creating Custom Reports Subscription  
Configure and Validate PEM Applications Subscription  
Configure, validate, & test SCEP in Venafi TPP Datacenter Subscription  
Walkthrough: SSH Agentless Discovery configuration Subscription  
Walkthrough: SSH Venafi Agent Work Configuration Subscription  
Walkthrough: SSH Network Discovery of F5 Subscription  
Walkthrough: IIS (CAPI) Onboard Discovery Free  
Walkthrough: F5 Big IP Onboard Discovery Free  
Walkthrough: Installing Venafi Agent on Linux Free  
Walkthrough: Installing Venafi Agent in Windows Free  
Walkthrough: Citrix Netscaler Onboard Discovery Free  
Configure and Validate an F5 Application Subscription  
Discover TLS Certificates with Scanafi Subscription  
Working with Microsoft Azure in Venafi TPP Datacenter Free  
Venafi and Big IQ (F5): three videos Free  
Working with Amazon AWS in TLS Protect Datacenter Free  
Configure and Validate an Apache application Subscription  
Introductory guidance on using Venafi SSH Protect Subscription  
Learn all the basics of using Advanced Key Protect Free  
Walkthrough the essentials of CodeSign Protect Free  
Configure and use CodeSign Protect Subscription  
Getting Started with API Token Authentication Subscription  
Migrate from API Key/WebSDK to OAuth Free  
Introduction to Venafi Firefly! Free  
TLS Protect Cloud - API Subscription  
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