Info: Venafi Control Plane Health Dashboard

Applies To:

TLS Protect Cloud



TLS Protect Cloud runs continuous synthetic tests to ensure that all services are operational. The results of these tests are posted in a Datadog dashboard here:


More Information:

The Datadog dashboard shows results of synthetic tests that test services used by TLS Protect Cloud. If you suspect that a service could be down or an incident could be in progress, this dashboard would be a great first step to see if such an event is occurring.


Note about when to check the dashboard:

The testing that is done here would indicate that a service is running or not, therefore this would be an issue that would likely be occurring for all customers in a particular region or all regions. These types of issues would likely be reproducible in any tenant that it is tested in. If you are unsure if an incident is occurring, you can reach out to Zach Zendejas or the vaas-incidents Slack channel.

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