INFO: Oracle Access Manager change in 15.1 and 17.4

Applies To:

14.x and up



Prior to 15.1 when Oracle Access Manager SSO solution was integrated with Trust Protection Platform a variable of "HTTP_" was required as a precursor to the OAM header found on the Authentication Tab of the Platforms Tree. In Versions of Venafi 15.1 and up, this precursor is NOT needed and will break your SSO integration with Venafi.

In 17.4 of TPP, the User Interface has been rebranded to call this section "Pass-through Authentication".  Some of the labels have changed, and in order to enable you must set a Registry Value on each server you want to use Oracle Access Manager on.


Pre 15.1


15.1 and above


17.4 and above


On 17.4 and higher, you will also need to add the following Windows Registry value on any TPP server you want to enable Oracle Access manager or Pass-through Authentication

  • Ensure there is a Registry Value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Venafi\Platform
  • Registry Name is Enable Passthrough Auth
  • Attribute type is DWORD (32-bit) Value
  • Default value is if registry value is missing
  • Value of 1 will enable Pass-through Authentication for that particular engine for the Web Administration ConsoleAperture, and the User Portal.
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