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Definition of a Support Case

A Support Case is defined as assistance with one issue, problem, or question relating to the use or installation of a Venafi product, regardless of the number of communications required.

The best way to get a quick response from support is to open a NEW CASE. Our Support Queue is monitored by our global support team for NEW CASES 24/7.  You may request a return call/Zoom in this manner.

For urgent issues you may choose to call by phone. The call will either be picked up live by the on-call person, OR (if they are on another call at that time) it will go to voicemail that will generate a new ticket which will be seen by the whole team.

How to open or view a Support Case

A Support Case can be opened via the following methods:

  1. online at:
  2. email to
  3. Venafi Customer Support phone numbers for urgent issues only (see our Severity Levels document) - ask for Customer Support or press option '2':
    1-877-266-5159 Toll-Free
    0134 440 4040     from inside the U.K.
    (02) 8007 4179    from inside Australia
  4. If it is Urgent and you can't get help, please call the Director of Support at: 801) 676-6926
  5. If Director of Support is not available, please call VP at: (801) 319-1052

To submit a new case or to see your cases:

Step 1: Log In to and select "Support"

Step 2: Click on "My Activities"


Authorized Contacts

All Venafi software subscriptions allow 4 authorized contacts to open support cases


Support Hours & Initial Response Commitments

Venafi Support is available 24X7X365. After submitting a new Support Case, you will receive a response within the following guidelines:

Severity 1 (Urgent) = Complete loss of functionality of the Licensed Software and all related services, resulting in a catastrophic business impact in which a service, system, or critical application is down, severely impacting production or profitability of Licensee.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 2 hours

Severity 2 (High) = Detrimental business impact in which service, production, operations, or development deadlines are severely and negatively impacted, or where there will be a severe and negative impact on production or profitability of the Licensee.
INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 4 hours

Severity 3 (Normal) =Inconvenient situation in which the Licensed Software is usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner, and the user suffers little or no significant impact.
INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 8 hours

Severity 4 (Low) = Situation in which the use is affected in some way that is reasonably correctable by a documentation change or by a future, regular release from Venafi.
INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of next business day


Issue Swarming (Issue Escalation)

1. If you feel the urgency, attention, or skill is lacking for your issue's needs, simply state it in your case and ask for additional help.

2. In the circumstance a difficult issue arises and we are not sure how to fix it, we use a swarming tactic.

  • Your support tech will engage with the rest of the Support team (Swarm)
  • Next as needed the Support team will Engage with Engineering
  • Next as needed the Support and Engineering teams will engage with QA and PM

3. If a third party vendor issue may be contributing to the Venafi issue, we are happy to engage in a call with them and the customer in order to shortcut to a resolution. Often times it may be required that the customer initiate the communication with the third party to help us all work together.

We are committed to getting issues resolved and have the Venafi organization behind us to swarm a complex issue where needed to get to a resolution.



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