Info: Trust Protection Platform patch 14.2.9 is released

Applies To: TPP 14.2.x


The 14.2.9 patch has been released, and is available on the Venafi FTP site. You can download the patch and the updater by logging into and navigating to Trust Protection Platform > Previous and looking for 14.2.9

More Info:

Issues included in the 14.02.09 patch:

  • Resolve issue where Deleting a CA Import that did Preview only deleted the secretstore certificate vault contents. (VEN-16151, @10934)
  • Resolve issue where we were unable to run the certificate trends report due to a grey question mark (VEN-16786, @11245)
  • Resolve issue where VPlatform was crashing due to database connection issues. (VEN-16795, @11025)
  • Resolve error where users with Oracle DB would occasionally encounter Null reference error during upgrade. (VEN-16797, @10986)
  • Add database error tracking message to aid in troubleshooting db issues (VEN-16799)
  • Resolve issue in Network Discovery getting Cert inventory exception “The string contains a non-printable character”. (clone VEN-16923, @10600)
  • Update HydrantID and QuoVadis CA drivers to new V3 interface (VEN-16981)
  • Resolve issue where GSK7cmd provisioning was failing at stage 802 + under some circumstances (VEN-16718, @11303)


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