Info: Trust Protection Platform 14.3.7 Patch

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Trust Protection Platform 14.3



The 14.3.7 patch has been released, and is available on the Venafi FTP site. You can download the patch and the updater by logging into and navigating to Trust Protection Platform > Current > TPP Update Packages > 14.3.7.


Issues included in the 14.03.07 patch:

  • Resolve issue where we could not reassign identity for LDAP driver using wizard (VEN-17361)
  • Add ability to NOT do initial bind to read RootDSE as Anonymous user to LDAP wizard (VEN-17363, @10495, @8988, @10449)
  • Modify LDAP Wizard to add more troubleshooting progress messages, and recognize ';' as a valid character in schema names (VEN-17365, @8988)
  • Resolve issue where we were unable to provision to a NetScaler 9.3 device (VEN-17454, VEN-17515 @11493)
  • Resolve issue where some users were unable to login after upgrade to 14.3 (VEN-17659, @11915)
  • Resolve issue where frequent DB Table lock connection was occurring causing performance issues processing certificates. (VEN-17796, @12065)
  • Resolve issue where Workflow items would return and InternalError for AD users (VEN-15248, @10169, @10940, @10943, @11173)
  • Resolve issue where WebAdmin would allow an unvalidated redirect (VEN-17931, @11973)
  • Resolve issue where we were unable to renew Thawte certificates or create Thawte CA templates due to changes in the Thawte website (VEN-18153, @12258)
  • Includes all fixes from previous rollup patches
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