Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.1 is Released


Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.1

What's New

- Performance and Scalability enhancements. Trust Protection Platform will now scale to 1 million keys and 1 million certificates.



  • - Venafi Agent - CAPI Store Discovery Enhancement. Added support for selecting a specific CAPI store to scan.
  • - Venafi Agent – Use Venafi Platform Server as CDP.  For Security, Venafi Server agents require access to CDP server to check revocation status of Venafi Operational and Intermediate Certificates. CDP can now be hosted on Venafi Platform Server.
  • - New CA Driver: Verizon SureServer
  • - DigiCert CA Driver– Added support for SSL Profile Option
  • - GeoTrust Enterprise and Reseller CA Drivers – Added support for certificate reissuance


  • - Venafi Agent – Improved scalability
  • - SSH Discovery and Key Rotation Scheduling Enhancements



  • - New Application Driver: Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall
  • - PKCS#12 Driver – Introduced trust store for Certificate Whitelisting and enhancements to support keystores containing more than one private key
  • - F5 Driver – Now supports entry of certificate name for Basic Provisioning, includes expiration date in automatically generated names for Advanced Provisioning, and allows virtual servers to have multiple SSL Profiles if profiles have been preconfigured to support SNI
  • - Certificates Dashboard REST API


  • - SSH REST API – An addition to the WebSDK that allows full control over SSH keys inventory: add, remove and edit keys, load any data about keys stored in Trust Protection Platform, import existing keys.
  • - SSH Dashboard REST API – An addition to WebSDK that allows getting all aggregate SSH dashboard widget information via REST API.

TrustNet Integration

A global authoritative key and certificate intelligence service that provides certificate reputation to identify key and certificate misuse.

  • - Global Certificate Visibility
  • - Certificate Reputation
  • - Certificate Transparency
  • - Certificate Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • - Native Trust Protection Platform Integration
  • - API Integration
  • - TrustNet Dashboard Widgets

IMPORTANT! With the 15.1 release the Urgent and Pending buckets have been eliminated. Use the status 'Renewing' to see those certificates in these states.

 To view a complete list of new features and bug fixes, please see the attached readme document.

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