Info: Trust Protection Platform 15.2.1 Patch

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Trust Protection Platform 15.2



The 15.2.1 patch has been released, and is available on the Venafi FTP site. You can download the patch and the updater by logging into and navigating to Trust Protection Platform > Current > TPP Installer > 15.2.1


Issues included in the 15.2.1

  • Workflow tickets disappeared or were improperly rejected. New AD Driver failover model handles this event
  • When the CN is set as a SAN for on the OpenTrustPKI CA, the SAN value was removed
  • Add check for null in some cases during Discovery Placement Preview
  • User Certificate Published to AD is now the correct certificate
  • Processing for few certificates intermittently failed with error :The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel“
  • AD Wizard was modified to require UPN format user name for credential and require that a search root be specified for that credential.
  • New format for Log Expiration command was not working properly
  • Exception generated after clicking Validate button in some circumstances using the Verizon CA
  • Reports were not being sent after upgrade to 15.2
  • Addressed a security vulnerability
  • Network Discovery did not find certificates on non-standard ports
  • F5 LTM Application driver issues fixed:
    • Onboard Discovery fails if a proxy is specified in the platforms tree.
    • SSL Profile does not get associated when provisioning to F5
    • Onboard Discovery Exporting Error 'Error while exporting certificate or key'
    • Getting 'Failed to archive the existing certificate with Vault ID 7920: Success' during onboard discovery
    • Getting 'Error while exporting certificate or key <certpath>.key. Error: String reference not set to an instance of a String. Parameter name: s' when running Onboard Discovery
    • Getting primary_error_code : -2 (0xFFFFFFFE) when running onboard discovery.
    • Getting primary_error_code : -21 (0xFFFFFFEB) when doing an onboard discovery
    • Onboard Discovery appends a %101 to the end of the validation address
    • Creating certificates with SANs through onboard discovery are problematic. If clicking save, the object will get an error
    • Every time Onboard Discovery runs new secrets are added for already managed certificate.
    • The Validation Address that is populated when running Onboard Discovery shows the partition name.
    • Getting Error: “The resource you have requested is unavailable due to an exception” on some certificate after running Onboard Discovery. If the Virtual server is not in the Common partition, provisioning will fail.
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