Info: Trust Protection Platform 15.2.3 Patch

Applies To:

Trust Protection Platform 15.2



The 15.2.3 patch has been released, and is available on the Venafi FTP site. You can download the patch and the updater by logging into and navigating to Trust Protection Platform > Current > TPP Installer > 15.2.3


Fixes included in the 15.02.03 patch:
  • Error updates for issue with Log Server crashing a couple minutes after it starts
  • LDAP Identity failing to parse results from server
  • Severity filter does not work most of the time
  • Venafi.Core.Identity.Preferences loaded when not required [performance]
  • Aperture Logins are expensive
  • Large Discovery grid results are nearly unusable moving from page to page
  • Cert discovery, with 1500 Device objects and multiple app objects, Application tab does not function
  • Security Fixes
  • Agent is deleting and recreating the same certificates over and over
  • Agents stop checking in successfully after 15.2.2 upgrade
  • x64 Enterprise Mobility Agent Installer does not include the x86 mapi.exe making it not work on x64 os with x86 office
  • F5 defaults Certificate and Key file to the string “Certificate Name” and fails
  • Verizon SureServer - Driver does not support EV certificate products
  • TrustNet is not using proxy settings
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