Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.3.2 patch is released

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15.3.2 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform (TPP) server and specific fixes for the Venafi Agent, Discovery, and SSH.

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  • Vplatform is crashing in SSH background service
  • Saving VeriSign cert gives error “Save failed…”
  • Logging performance slow due to compenent ID lookup
  • After 15.3 upgrade all F5 apps cannot provision
  • GSK Truststore not readding private key and default settings
  • TPP server doesn’t detect when agent closes connection
  • TPP does not know if Agent received fileops work
  • WebAdmin dashboard shows US date format for AU


  • Unable to export from Certificate Discovery Results
  • Scanning multiple ports on an IP address is very slow
  • Cancel button not properly deleting the discovery job


  • 15.3 to 15.3.2 agent upgrade fails and loops forever
  • Agent fails to request session requirements
  • IIS generated HTTP status 400 causes Agent to clear rolling code
  • Difficulty Troubleshooting Agent in Customer Environment
  • Agent rolling code gets behind on service shutdown
  • Agent can’t check in due to error EntryAlreadyExists
  • Add Command for agent to dump a give sqlite3 db and table to stdout
  • Agent experiencing connection timeout/rolling code sync
  • Agent is not rolling code when curl error returned
  • Agent swallows fileops when high load is on TPP)
  • No log event for successful registration
  • No log event for successful re-registration
  • MACIgnore list is not doing a case-insensitive compare
  • On read error we need to reset RetrieveCount
  • Client Failed Authentication not showing Client ID
  • ClientRest overwrites 500 error status code with 400
  • Ignoring ClientResult in method FindClient of ClientRest
  • Multiple API keys being issued due to new session issues
  • Enable xMode and message logging to events.sq3 by default
  • Obscure the vaule of JSON property Authentication Code
  • Segfault in agent code during MAC address collection
  • Log when Agent ahead of TPP rolling code


  • SSH error message for Key 0 in logs (policy rotation error)
  • SSH code in vplatform encountered and exception
  • Keys discovered under different account cannt be removed
  • Make ‘Violation Detected’ event debug level
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