Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.3.3 patch is released

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15.3.3 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform ( TPP ) server and many issues in its communication with F5 and other applications. It also addresses some logging issues.

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F5 Driver Issues

  • Setting the “Concurrent Connection Limit:” greater than 1 in the F5 driver results in errors (VEN-23559, @17035)
  • Provisioning to the F5 in bulk results in exceptions (VEN-23562, @17035)
  • Onboard Validation failing intermittently when provisiong to F5 (VEN-23588, @16710)
  • F5 Provsioning: If “Overwrite Chain File” is set to “no”, the chain file still overwrites the file (VEN-23589, @17008)
  • “Install chain” attribute should not be set to “No” if the ssl profile is a client profile (VEN-23590, @17009)
  • Re-Running onboard discovery throws exceptions on changed certificates (VEN-23734, @17245)
  • F5 Provisioning: If “Install Chain” is set to no, the certificate that gets pushed has the chain bundled with it (VEN-23810)
  • When Provisioning with F5 we get error: “Associating SSL Profile (…) failed with error: Exception caught: InvalidArgument” (VEN-23811)
  • F5: Getting error: “Install Certificate Chain failed with error: Duplicate Certificate” when attempting to append to the bundle (VEN-23814)
  • F5: Getting Error: “Install Certificate Chain failed with error: error:0906D06C:PEM …” when “overwrite Chain File” is set to No and the file does not exist on the F5 (VEN-23815)
  • F5 Onboard Discovery - Duplicate application objects appear if they were orphaned by deleting certificates (VEN-23820, @16278)
  • F5 Provision errors on v10.2.4 F5 devices (VEN-23883, @17352)
  • F5 Devices prior to v11.0 do not support Session concept (VEN-23887)

All Other Issues

  • Unable to export from the Certificate Results on a Discovery Job in Webadmin (VEN-23056, @15388)
  • Onboard Discovery jobs display “Import Requested” indefinitely (VEN-23184, @15527)
  • Unable to export results from the Applications view tab (VEN-23277 @16316)
  • Fix potential null reference exception in SecretStore logging (VEN-23390)
  • Expiration report not showing all expiring certs (VEN-23434, @16810)
  • File reconstruction saved duplicate SSH keys (VEN-23458)
  • Applications “In Error” no longer show up on the Webadmin Dashboard (VEN-23462, @16034)
  • $IdentityEmail macro throws an exception when given an identity value that does not exist (VEN-23485, @16946)
  • CAPI driver doesn't bind or error if “dir IIS:\SslBindings” errors (VEN-23510, @16546)
  • Validation Started and Validation Completed does not show any useful data (VEN-23556, 16846)
  • Validation Started and Completed events are too excessive (VEN-23557, @16796)
  • LogServer stopping with error “A severe error occurred on the current command” (VEN-23567, @16948)
  • SSH Connections remaining open during JKS Validation (VEN-23575)
  • Expiration report threw error “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: distinguishedName” (VEN-23579, @17043)
  • Unable to Generate System Generated CSR in Aperture (VEN-23582, @16342)
  • Reset Private Key option does not re-enable the buttons and does not reset the Status, Stage, etc (VEN-23591, @17026)
  • Netscaler validation is keeping ssh connections open (VEN-23645, @16767)
  • Workflow tickets were getting deleted on AD error “COMException; Error -2147016689 as The directory service is unavailable.” (VEN-23879, @17260)
  • LogServer sometimes takes a long time to stop (VEN-23881, @17099)
  • Validation - Field for assigning Port is missing from the Validation tab of certificates (VEN-23912, @17396)
  • DataPower Application Driver had Basic Provision functionality added (VEN-23914, 16353)
  • Concurrent Connection Limit was not being honored (VEN-23966)
  • Replace Reason field was not present in Aperture (VEN-23975 VEN-23868, @17402)
  • Unable to save CA templates with additional custom fields. Result was unable to enroll Symantec MPKI certs through Aperture. (VEN-23979, @17437)
  • Verizon CA requests from Venafi create multiple orders in the Verizon portal (VEN-23993, @17441)
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