Info: How do I setup SMTP Reporting for Venafi Encryption Director?

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All 6.x versions.


Venafi encryption Director ( Director) can be configured to operate as a SMTP client in order to send both reports, and event notification e-mails to your users.  Each type of e-mail configuration is setup in slightly different ways, and operate independently of each other. For the purpose of e-mailing Reports, the SMTP client is setup on the Platform Tree. For for the purpose of sending out event notifications, you setup the SMTP client on the channel object itself, in the logging tree.  Refer to for how to setup the event logging feature.


More Info:

This article describes how to setup reports, and send them to your users through an SMTP e-mail server.  We have divided the article into two broad sections.

  1. Setting up Reporting.
  2. Testing your reporting.

Setting up Reporting:

To setup Director to send reports via e-mails, follow these steps:

  • Login to the Venafi Encryption Director server ( Director) using the Windows UI, with you admin account.
  • Navigate to the Platform tree, and open up the server you wish use as your SMTP client.
  • Select the Reporting node, and ensure the button called Disabled is unchecked.
  • In the Host field add in DNS name, or ip address, of the SMTP server you wish to forward e-mails through.  
  • Configure the sender field for the address you want us to send e-mails from. Be sure to press apply before you leave this screen.
  • TIP: This is the server that Director will be establishing a SMTP client session with in order to send e-mails.
  • Navigate over to the Reports tree, and select a report you want to send, or create a new report.
  • Select the "Setup and Delivery" tab, and scroll down until you see the option for "E-mail publishing".reporting2.jpg
  • select the buttons "Contact" and "Address".
  • In the address field, enter in the e-mail address of the contact you want to send to.
  • TIP:  In order for this e-mail to be successful your SMTP server has be configured as a SMTP relay server
  • The Director service will now need to be restarted for these settings to take affect.  If you do not start the service, you will need to wait 5 mins for the settings to become effective. 
NOTE: If you have multiple Director servers , only one of them needs to be setup for Reporting. If there are more than one, you will receive the same e-mail, with the attached report, twice. 

Testing you Reporting configuration:

As a test, you can setup the schedule to be 'manual' and then choose the option to "send now".

  • On the reporting node, in the Reports tree, click on the 'schedule' option and select "Manual" for 'Time of day"
  • Once you have done that navigate over to the "Settings" tab, and select the button "Run Now".

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