Error: Large Discoveries fail with error.

Applies to: 

All 6.x versions.

  • Database: This only occurs when DIrector or TrustAuthority is configured to use an Oracle DB. 


Creating a Discovery definition with a large port range, such as with the 'All Ports' radio button checked, throws errors at job creation time.


Steps to duplicate: 

  1. Login to the Director Windows administrator- ( Program Files\Venafi\Platform\WinAdmin.exe) - tool, and navigate to the Discovery tree.
  2. Add a single IP address, and check the 'All Ports' check box, then press the  Apply button.
  3. From the Discovery > Settings tab click the 'Run Now' button.
Your screen will look something similar to this, and reporting this error:  
An error occurred creating discovery jobs. Result: DriverDatabase error.
NOTE: Navigating to the  Genera/log tab you will also notice this logging error:
The discovery service module failed to create Job(s) for <My-large-Discovery-name> with the error DriverDatabaseError.
Other logging indicators: 
  1. Navigate over to the logging tree, and view the Default SQL channel.
  2. Two errors are written to the log, the errors read:


Error: Error, Translated event: Discovery - Job Creation Failed, The discovery service module failed to create Job(s) for \VED\Discovery\Discovery 1, with the error DriverDatabaseError.



Error: Error, Translated event: Discovery - Query Error, The discovery database driver DiscoveryOracle encountered an error performing a database query. 

Error: Error in row '1' column '11' ORA-26093: input data column size (90914) exceeds the maximum input size (4096). 

Additional error data    at Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleBulkCopy.PerformBulkCopy() at Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleBulkCopy.WriteDataSourceToServer()at Venafi.Core.OracleSafe.BulkCopy(String TableName, DataTable Data, OracleBulkCopyOptions Options, Int32 Timeout)


Resolution: This error has been reported to Venafi Engineering, and will be fixed in the next release. At the time of writing this was targeted to be Version 6.1


NOTE:  Another very similar symptom can manifest in an Oracle database when you do large bulk imports from Director discoveries:  This is a known issue with Oracle databases, and is documented in the Oracle bug database as bug 11665791.  We post this information here for your information only.  It manifests on Big Endian Hardware running mainly on Solaris Sparc, and AIX power servers. All inquires as to the status of this bug should be directed to Oracle, via your Oracle database administrator. 

The oracle error:

OracleBulkCopy() to perform bulk inserts populating columns with TIMESTAMP

datatype fail by ORA-26041: DATETIME/INTERVAL datatype conversion error

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