Info: How do I use the Updater utility to download packages from the Venafi website.

Applies to: Versions 6.x and later.


Summary: To simplify the acquisition and installation of product and documentation updates, Venafi™ provides an update utility (DirectorUpdater.exe) that allows you to check for available updates and install the latest versions of product modules and documentation without uninstalling and reinstalling previous versions of the product. 

This product installs and operates on the same server as the Director Certificate Manager, as a MSI executable. For more information on how to install it, see the DIrector Certificate Manager installation guide

Running the updater: 

To run the updater , follow these steps:

  • Log in as a user with Administrator privileges.
  • Click Start > Program Files > Venafi > Director Updater.
  • TIP: At the time of writing this article, the latest updater package was version 1.72.  Use Help > About to ensure you are running this version, or later. 

NOTE: On Windows 2008 64-bit systems, you must have Administrator privileges to update  Director Certificate Manager. To do this, right-click Director Updater, then select Run as Administrator.

Pulling packages down: 

To pull packages down from the Venafi website, follow these steps:

  • Procure a FTP username from Venafi, and ask that your packages be placed your home folder, under a folder called packages. Package files will be identified by the extension vupkg extension. 
  • Activate the update request, by clicking FIle > Check for updates, as per this screenshot, entering in your supplied FTP credentials.

  • Click ok, and your available packages will be shown, as per this screenshot.

  • Clicking ok here will pull down the packages and store them  in drive:\Program Files\Venafi\Packages directory.
  • Immediately after they pull the packages down, updater will change the screen to show this screen. You can also navigate to this screen by clicking on View > available.
NOTE: Each package will be identified by it's name, version and released on date.  On this screen you get to choose the packages you want to install, and then, by pressing 'Install" they will be installed. 
NOTE: More detailed information on the updater can be found Chapter 8 of the DIrector Certificate Manager installation guide.  
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