How To: Manually import a certificate.

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Is there a process for importing certificates into Venafi Encryption Director (VED) ?
Who can these certificates be signed by?  Can they be signed by Verisign®, for example?

More info:

Although Network Discovery is the easiest and most accurate way to bring network SSL certificates under management, you also have the option to manually create the Certificate object in the Policy tree, and then import a Base64-encoded certificate file and, optionally, the private key into the administration console. 

When you import the Base64-encoded certificate file Director automatically populates the Certificate object with the certificate data and archives the certificate file in the Director database. 

Once the certificate file is in the Director database, Director can manage the certificate using the Monitoring, Enrollment or Provisioning features of the product.

Note: Manually importing certificates is available only in the Web administration console. 

Rights needed: You must have View and Write rights to the Certificate object. If the certificate is in a format that includes the private key, you must also have the Private Key Write right to the Certificate object.

To import a certificate, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Web administration console.
  • Select the Policy tree from the Tree drop-down menu.
  • In the Policy tree, select the Certificate object whose certificate file you want to import. 
  • Click the Certificate > Settings tab. 
  • Click Import.
  • Paste the Base64-encoded data into the Paste window. or Click Browse to navigate the directory structure, then upload a Base64 Binary-encoded file into the Director administration console.
  • (Conditional) If the uploaded certificate includes the Private key specify the password required to access the private key.
  • Click Import.

NOTE: Director automatically populates the Certificate object with the certificate data.

  • Complete the Certificate object configuration.
  • When finished, click Apply/Save.

For more information, see “Certificate Object Settings” on page 67 of the Director Certificate Manager Guide.

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