Error: Getting kicked out of WebAdmin randomly


While using WebAdmin users are geting kicked out at random intervals. No error is displayed and users are directed to the login page.

 Seen in the Windows (system) event log- event 5077, WAS.

A worker process with process id of '1700' serving application pool 'VEDAdmin' has requested a recycle because it reached its virtual memory limit.Possible cause:


Possible cause:

IIS Application Pool memory limits are set too low.



Increase the Private Memory Limit and Virtual Memory Limit for the VEDAdmin application pool.

This can be done from IIS Manager in the Application Pools section. Click the “Advanced Settings” link on the right hand side after selecting VEDAdmin pool:



The default setting for Private Memory Limit and Virtual Memory Limit is 0 (unlimited). The settings can be found at the bottom of the Advanced Settings view.




NOTE:  If you are getting logged off at 5 minutely intervals, you may just need to modify the default timeout period.  For details on this, see

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