Error: Initializing Venafi Framework while installing Certificate Manager

Summary problem Description:  

1: I was prevented from completing my Certificate Manager installation ( configuration wizard) because I was asked to reboot. The installer insisted I reboot simply because the SQL manger was left open. Because it was a new install, we'd just completed the create database script and left it open.  

NOTE: In some rare cases the MSI install simply stops and never loads the configuration wizard.  The solution mentioned below will also fix this symptom.

2: Re-running the Certificate Manager Installation on a working installation, but exciting out before it completes, also causes this error.






The install consists of two parts- The MSI installer and the configuration wizard. In both problems above the installation completed the MSI installer by laying down the files, but, either didn't start the configuration wizard or it started but didn't complete.  To restart the configuration wizard, execute this command line using elevated administrator privileges:


C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform>dcc -wizard


NOTE: In rare cases the Windows Administrator ( WinAdmin) utility will not run because of the above operations.  Navigating to the <installed drive>Program Files>Venafi>WinAdmin then using your right click mouse button, and choosing 'Run as administrator" solved this problem.  To permanently solve this, you can click on properties ( after you right click on the exe) and find the security tab to ad in the administrator user id.


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