Info: How do you export your discovery results to a file?

Problem Description Summary: 

Can a port scan, using the discovery feature of Certificate Manger, be exported to a CSV file?

WIth the current releases of Certificate Manger- 6.01 , 6.02, and 6.1- there is no automated way of exporting the discovery results to a file.  

This article describes how to do export this manually to a flat file. 

Steps to export:

  • Login to the Web user interface ( WebAdam) using your administrator account. Currently, this is  the only way to do this is through the WebAdam. 
  • Navigate over to the Discovery tree and click on your discovery job.
  • Click on the Certificate Results tab and ensure there are results to export.
  • Press on the button called "export" on the top right, as per the screenshot.



The results will be in the form of  these formats:

  • CSV - Comma Delimited file.
  • TAB- TAB delimited file.
  • HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • XML - Extended Markup Language. 


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    Antonio Costa

    How can I do the same with Assessor v8 ?

    Or, how can I add MD5 report to Assessor v8 ?