How To: Reapply a patch for Trust Protection Platform

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All version of Venafi Trust Protection Platform


The instructions in this article show how to update or reinstall a patch to Venafi TPP.

More info:

To reapply a patch, follow these steps: 

Patch installations are tracked through the registry.

Do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Identify which patch you want to reinstall
  2. Run the Venafi Updater
  3. Click View, and select Installed, or press Ctrl+I

    This shows a list of installed patch, in this example, it is 16.3.1

  4. Open the Registry Editor
  5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Venafi\Updater\
  6. Identify the Key Name that corresponds to the package you need to re-install.

  7. The value version will help identify the Key

  8. Backup the Key Name and its sub-directories by exporting it
  9. Delete the Identified key and its sub keys and directories

  10. Once done, go back to Venafi Updater, click View, Available, or Ctrl+A. The patch should now appear in the list

  11. Select the patch and click install
  12. When prompted for the schema update, select to perform the update and enter the admin credentials.


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