How to install additional components to an existing Director server

Applies to:

All version of Venafi Encryption Director: Certificate Manager


CertificateManagerInstallx64.msi will launch the installation and then the configuration wizard during the first installation. After the product is installed and reconfiguration is needed, run dcc.exe by doing the following:

  1. Open a Command Prompt and run as administrator.

  2. Change directory to c:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform\folder
    cd "c:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform\"
  3. Run DCC.exe
    dcc.exe -wizard

Do not skip any of the configuration fields thinking that they are already configured during the first installation.  If that occurs it will unconfigure what was done previously. Also, when adding additional components during "Component Selection", make sure to leave selected all the components you want to have even if they are already installed.

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