Info: upgrading from Director, version 5.3.x, to Version 6.1

Applies to:

Version 5.3.x of Certificate Manager.

This document applies to customers who are running Venafi Encryption Director, version 5.3.x, on a Microsoft Windows, 2003 32 bit host. Customers running earlier versions of Certificate Manager, are advised to upgrade to 5.3.5 prior to implementing the instructions in this article. 


Because Microsoft 2003 is now longer supported with the Latest versions of Certificate manager, we need to change the underlying host operating system here in order to move to Certificate Manager, version 6.1.   We recommend you install a fresh version of Certificate Manger on a new Windows 2008 R2 server. This will enable the old version 5.3.x machine to remain untouched during the entire process, thereby facilitating a quicker rollback, if need be.

Venafi software supports three brands of database - MS SQL, MY SQL, and Oracle. Upgrade scripts for each brand are supplied with version 6.1.  They are stored in the Database Scripts folder of the ZIP file.

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 Steps to upgrade:

1: Backup both your database, and the current 5.3.X. Certificate Manager server. 
2: Stop the VED services on the 5.3.1 server. 
3: Export the DPAPI Key on 5.3.1. using dpapi_keyUtilitiy.exe command line. 
4: Run these relevant data scripts for your database : 

For Oracle run:

  • oracle_update_5.3.x_to_6.0.sql 
  • oracle_update_6.0.1_to_6.0.2.sql 
  • oracle_update_6.0.2_to_6.1.sql 
  • TIP: Only run this drop script after you complete the install/ upgrade.
    • oracle_update_6.1_Drop.sql5:

For My SQL run:

  • mysql_update_5.3.x_to_6.0.sql
  • mysql_update_6.0.2_to_6.1.sql
  • mysql_update_6.1_Drop.sql

For MS SQL run:

  • mssql_update_5.3.x_to_6.0.sql
  • mssql_update_6.0.2_to_6.1.sql

5: Run the Certificate Manager 6.1 MSI install on the new Microsoft Window 2008 R2 server.  When the install asks you to import a shared key, paste in the exported key you collected above.


 More specific instructions on how to run the MSI installer  are found in the Certificate Manager installation guide - 

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