Issue: Certificate Expiring in 45 and 90 day rules are not working

Applies to:

Venafi Encryption Director 6.1: Certificate Manager

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2


The following default notification rules are not being triggered.

Certificate Expiring in 45 Days

Certificate Expiring in 90 Days


Once an event is logged to the Default SQL Channel, the Log Server determines if the event matches the criteria of any notification rule. If there is a match, the Log Server forwards the event to the appropriate channels. In this case the event is not even being logged to the Default SQL Channel because the Expiration Start Value is set to 30 days and needs to be set to 90 days in order for the event to be logged.


WebAdmin Instructions:

  1. Select to the top of the Policy Tree.
  2. Click Settings > Monitoring.
  3. Change the value for Certificate Expiration Start to 90 days (See screenshot below).



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