How to setup a channel to track email notifications

Applies to:

Venafi Encryption Director 6.1



This article will demonstrate step-by-step instructions on how to setup a flat file channel to track email notifications.

  1. Login to WinAdmin.
  2. Select the "Logging" Tree
  3. Click on "Channels" and then select "Add".

  4. Verify that "Log Delivery" is selected on the Channels you would like to log email notifications for.

  5. Fill out all the fields on the new flat file channel object.


  6. Click on "Notification Rules" and then select "Add"

  7. Configure the flat file channel.
    Make sure that "Disabled" is unchecked and the operator being used is "Or" not "AND".  The two event ids you will use is "Log - SMTP Message Failure" and "Log - SMTP Message Sent".

  8. Go into services and restart the log server service for the changes to take effect.

Now as email notification events appear in the default SQL channel, they will also appear in the flat file channel.

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    Bernadette Cronican

    Some of the drop-down menus are different in V 10, but the applicaiton is still intuitive enough to navigate these instructions. Very helpful!