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The Discovery Module scans the IPv4 address and port ranges configured in your system’s Discovery objects. This article describes the available Discovery Module settings. These settings can be used to throttle the number of connection that Director will attempt at any one time to decrease the network load for Discovery.

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To configure a Discovery Module module:

  1. For Director 6.1 and earlier, log in to the Director Windows administration console. (You must have the View and Write rights to the Discovery Module.)  If using Director 7 or higher, log into the Web Administration Console.
  2. Select the Platforms tree from the Tree drop-down menu.
  3. In the Platforms tree, select the Discovery Module.
  4. Configure the Discovery Module object settings, then click Apply.


Available Discovery Module Configuration Settings on the Settings tab:


1. Disabled:

  • Disables the Discovery module. Warning! No discovery scans occur when the Discovery module is disabled.


2. Connection Timeout:

  • Amount of time (in seconds) that Discovery waits for connection results before making another attempt.

- Default = 10

- Minimum = 1

- Maximum = 300


3. SSL/TLS Handshake Timeout:

  • Amount of time (in seconds) that Discovery waits for a successful SSL/TLS handshake before making another attempt.

- Default = 10

- Minimum = 1

- Maximum = 300


4. Pause between connection attempts:

  • Amount of time (in milliseconds) that Discovery waits between connection and handshake attempts.

- Default = 1


5. Socket Load:

  • Percentage of available Windows sockets used by the Discovery engine.

- Default = 90%

- Minimum = 5%

- Maximum = 90%

Important: Discovery has the potential to run slower if you don’t give it more resources. To optimize Discovery performance, you can modify the Registry to increase the maximum number of ephemeral ports. For more information, see the following Microsoft Support Document:


 Available Discovery Module Configuration Settings on the Processing Window tab:


1. Time of Day:

  • Select the time span during which you want this Discovery module to process discoveries.

2. Day of Week:

  • Select the specific days of the week you want this Discovery Module to process discoveries.

Important: The Discovery module processes discoveries only during the designated processing times. This means that if you run an Instant Discovery or click Run Now to manually run a Discovery, the Discovery is placed in the Discovery queue, but does not run until the designated processing times.

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