Info: What commands does the iPlanet application driver execute


Venafi Encryption Director supports provisioning keys and certificates to various different Applications. This article covers the commands run by iPlanet.

More information:

The iPlanet Application driver may execute the following commands during provisioning.


certutil -A -a -t "C,C,C" -n "cert label" -i "file path" -d "DB path" -P "cert DB prefix"


certutil -D -n "cert name" -P "cert DB prefix" -d "DB path"


certutil -L -d "DB path" -P "cert DB prefix" -a


certutil -R -a -s "request subject" -P "cert DB prefix" -d "DB path" -z "noise file" -g "key strength"


pk12util -i "file path" -n "cert name" -d "DB path" -P "cert DB prefix"


pk12util -o "file path" -n "cert name" -d "DB path" -P "cert DB prefix"

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