Info: What commands does the VAMnShield application driver execute


Venafi Encryption Director supports pushing certificates/keys to various different Applications. This article covers the commands run by the VAMnShield driver.

More information:

The VAMnShield Application driver may execute the following commands during provisioning.

cat /usr/adlex/config/rtm.config | grep ssl.import.all.keys.from.token=


generatekey  -u


generatekey  -i pkcs11 module=MODULE_ID plainname=KEY_LABEL pemreadfile=KEY_FILE_PATH

protect=module recovery=yes type=rsa nvram=no


nfkminfo -l pkcs11 | grep KEY_LABEL


pkcsmgr list | grep KEY_LABEL


/etc/init.d/rtm restart


rcmd show ssldecr keys | grep KEY_LABEL

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