How To: Manually Add a CDP for CRL Verification

Applies to:

Venafi Encryption Director v10


In order for a CRL (Certificate Revocation Point) to be monitored, a CDP (CRL distribution point) that points to it must be added to a Root or Intermediate certificate in Director.

More Information:

To manually add a CDP:

  1. Log into the WebUI for your Director installation
  2. Go to the Roots tree
  3. Select the appropriate existing Root or Intermediate object (or import a new one)
  4. Select the CRL Verification tab and the CRL Distribution Points sub-tab
  5. Click the Add button
  6. In the popup, specify the location of the CDP (IE:
  7. add_cdp.png
    1. http://, file://, ldap:// and ldap:/// are the supported URI types
  8. Add a description, if desired
  9. Click OK


More information about the CRL Verification feature available here:

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