How To: Configure reminder emails for pending workflow tickets


This article describes how to configure a reminder for workflow tickets that have been in a pending state for a set amount of days. This can be used a reminder for approves that may have missed the original notification about a pending workflow ticket.

This article covers the following tasks:
1. Creating a new SMPT channel for workflow ticket reminders
2. Creating a new rule that sends reminder when a workflow ticket has been pending for 7 days.


More Information:

Creating a new SMTP channel for workflow ticket reminders:

1. Go to Logging tree > Channels
2. Click Add > SMTP
3. Configure following on Settings tab:
   - Recipient(s):


   - Subject:

A Workflow ticket has been pending approval for $Event.Value1$ days

4. Configure Message:
   - Body:


Please approve, or deny, this request at http://$Hostname$/vedadmin/MyDashboard.aspx?tsel=Workflow&tfil=&tdn=%255CVED%255CWorkflow%2520Tickets%255CRequests%255CPending&tclik=false&dsel=Workflow%253AWorkflow%2520Root%253ARequests%253APending&ddn=%255CVED%255CWorkflow%2520Tickets%255CRequests%255CPending&dtab=Venafi.Plugins.Workflow.RequestGrid&dico=pending_approvals.png&dsltd=$CN[$Event.Text2$]$


Settings screenshot:




Creating a new rule for workflow ticket reminders:

1. Go to Logging tree > Notification Rules
2. Click Add > Notification
3. Configure Notification:
   - Rule:

If    Event ID   matches   Workflow Ticket Pending Resolution

And   Value1   matches   7

   - Select the Target Channel created for workflow reminders


Settings screenshot:


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