Issue: Unable to access site through HTTPS and IIS bindings are being lost

Applies To:

The Microsoft IIS server


1. Venafi Admin is not responding on HTTPS


2. The HTTP binding on IIS is being lost by a reboot of the server or of the IIS services.


Under some specific circumstances the IIS server may lose bindings or not be able to bind on HTTPS.


By removing the offending "<property id="5506" ..." lines from <customMetadata> section of applicationHost.config this will allow the certificate to persist through an IISRESET

Delete the following lines from the <CustomMetaData> section of the applicationHost.config file, which by default is located here: system32\inetsrv\config:

<key path="LM/W3SVC/X">

     <property id="5506" dataType="Binary" userType="1" attributes="None" value="oXiHOzFAMOF0YxIuI7soWvDFEzg=" />



Note: This property is a legacy feature from Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and is no longer needed.


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