How to modify the "unsupported browser" message in Aperture

Applies To:

Venafi Encryption Director 11.0

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 14.1


The following message appears when loading aperture using an unsupported browser:

"You are using a browser whose functionality has not been tested. You can continue, but some features of this application may not function as expected."


Additional Information:

Follow the steps below to remove the message:

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\Venafi\Web\Aperture\Client\Js\ Folder.
  2. Rename the terminology-en-us.js file to terminology-en-us.js.original.
  3. Create a new file with the same name and paste in the following contents:
    "UnsupportedBrowserWarning": "Loading Aperture"
  4. Retry Aperture and the message should be gone.

Note: This change is not persistent across upgrades.  The same procedure will need to be done each time you upgrade.

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