Info: Easy macro hostname replacement

Note: This article has become obsolete because we now ship FQDN macros

-Aaron  Hixson


Applies To:

Venafi TrustAuthority 14.1, Venafi TrustForce 14.1


The $hostname$ macro returns just the “shortname” of the engine that it’s running on. This is good, but doesn’t work well when used inside links in email notifications because it often doesn’t match the name on the certificate being used and/or won’t resolve via DNS for some clients. We don’t want to hard-code the server name in the notifications either. We want to be able to provide a similar macro, preferably be able to reference the server URL via a macro.  That way if we’re using a load-balancer or a DNS CNAME or something it can be changed without having to edit a bunch of notifications.

Cool Workaround:

In the platforms tree, for each “Engine”, put the FQDN in the Description field, like so:



Now, in your notification, you can use the following macro: 



This should work for multiple Engines, just put the respective FQDN in the description for each Engine. 

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