How to require multiple workflow approvals at the same stage

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Workflow allow you to require approval before proceed to the next stage of the renewal or provisioning process.  The steps below will show how to setup workflow to require multiple approvals.

  1. Create a reason code for each of the workflows required in the workflow tree.

  2. Create two channels in the logging tree with your custom text.


  3. Create two notification rules in the logging tree and use the follow values:


    IF EventID matches Workflow Ticket Issued
    AND Value1 matches [Insert Reason Code from Step #1 for each Notification Rule Created]

    Screenshot Example:

  4. Assign a  target channel to each respective notification rule.

    Example: Assign the Notification Rule "Workflow Approval Pending (SAN)" to  target channel "Email to Ticket Approver (SAN)".


  5. Go to the Policy Tree and click on the policy container you would like to have multiple approvals.
  6. Create two workflow objects and specify different reason codes.

  7. Click on the workflow tab and specify both workflow objects.


  8. Now you can create certificates and which will require two workflow approvals.
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