How to: “reset” the CA Import jobs to re-import certificates it’s already seen

Applies to

Trust protection platform 14.1+


CA Import shows 0 certificates found because certificates have already been seen.


To reset the import job perform the following steps:

1. Obtain authorization from support to modify Attributes.

2. Enter license obtained.

3. Remove the "Microsoft CA:Request ID" attribute from the support tab as highlighted in the image below.



More Information

How do we place certificates into the Policy tree from the CA Import?

  • Identical certificates already in the Policy Tree are ignored and not placed. These are shown under “Already managed”
  • Certificates where an exact Subject DN and key usage is found already in the Policy Tree are updated with the imported object. These are shown in “Updated certificates”
    1. If imported certificate is older than the currently managed certificate, imported certificate is added to the History tab
    2. If imported certificate is newer than the currently managed certificate, currently managed certificate is moved to History tab.
  • Certificates placed with new Subject DN follow placement rules created on CA Import job.
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