Error: Communicating with MSCA at stage 500

Applies to:  

TrustAuthority 14.2


There is a problem running TrustAuthority 14.2 on the same system with Microsoft CA. This should never be done in a production environment but can be done in a testing purpose. This article covers the issues you may run into with this setup.

More Info:

After the upgrade to version 14.2, when you enroll a cert, it fails at stage 500.

The error is:  

"The format of the specified domain name is invalid. (hresult 0x0800704bc)"


The logs show a more complete error message:

"An error occurred communicating with the CA \VED\Policy\Certificate Authority Templates\MS CA (Internal)\MS CA Webserver (2yr).  Error: The format of the specified domain name is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800704BC).  Additional error data    at Interop.CERTCLIENTLib.CCertRequestClass.Submit(Int32 Flags, String strRequest, String strAttributes, String strConfig) at Venafi.Drivers.CertificateAuthority.Microsoft.MSCA_Service.PostCSRWithSans(String connection, String cadn, String ownerdn, String template, String csr, Dictionary`2 sans, Int32& requestid, String& error)"

The error occurs using either domain admin as credentials or the service account with at least read / write / enroll on the Web Server Certificate template and the MSCA.  


Workaround for this issue is to run the Venafi Trust Protection Platform service as a user that has rights to the local MSCA. Is using Windows Authentication with MS SQL the service account would need to have rights to the local MSCA.


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