How To: Clear User Preferences using WinAdmin

Applies To:

All versions of Director/Trust Protection Platform


Users having issues viewing any logs or can only view partial logs in WebAdmin but does not have a problem in WinAdmin


A possible cause is that filters and other preferences have been saved on the users account. The reason why a user can see it in WinAdmin and not WebAdmin is because WinAdmin does not apply any filters to the logs.


1. Log into WinAdmin and navigate to the Identity Tree. 

2.  Select your AD Controller.

3. In the "Identity Filter" type the user you wish to clear user preferences for. 

4. Click "Apply"



1. Select the User that you searched for.

2. Once the user is selected, select the user tab

3. Above the user tab, select "Reset User Preferences"

4. Select "Yes" on the confirmation page.



User Preferences have now been reset to default settings.


Note: You need to log into WinAdmin with a AD account to modify another AD account. You need to do the same for a local account.

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