Info: Upgrading from 14.4.0 to 14.4.3

Instructions for applying patches to the Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TrustAuthority / TrustForce) version 14.4.x

1. Install (or upgrade to) the minor release version (eg. 14.4.0).  If upgrading from a previous release, database scripts may need to be run.

To patch the system to 14.4.3  (this does not require the DBA)

2. Install/update Venafi updater version 2.1.9 or above.

3. Copy the “Patch" package from

“Trust Protection Platform / Current / TPP Installer / 14.4.3”  to the venafi/packages directory.

4. Make sure services are shut down including IIS.

5. Run updater and install the package. It will ask for a username and password during the update. The user you supply is the local Admin user for Venafi.

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