Info: Upgrading from 14.2.x to 14.4.x

Instructions for upgrading the Venafi Trust Protection Platform TrustAuthority / TrustForce

1. Shut down the two services (VED, LogServer).

2. Have the DataBase Administrator (DBA) run the following scripts in the order below:

    a. mssql_update_f_14.2_to_14.3.sql

    b. mssql_update_g_14.3_to_14.4.sql

3. Open an Administrator CMD prompt and run the 14.4.0 MSI (VenafiTPPInstallx64.msi). follow the prompts.

    YOU ARE NOW ON 14.4.0.

To patch the system to 14.4.3. This does not require the DBA

4. Install/update Venafi updater version 2.1.9 or above.

5. Copy the xxxxx.vupkg package from the FTP site to the venafi/packages directory.

6. Make sure services are shut down including IIS.

7. Run updater and install the package. It will ask for a username and password during the update. The user you supply is the local Admin user for Venafi.

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